Company events – creating positive relations between employees

Company events are liked by employees and bosses. After all, you can get to know each other in an atmosphere other than at work, see someone other than the one we know in an office/workshop/warehouse/production line. It turns out that the employee is a talkative, communicative person, and the boss is a pretty cool guy who likes to tell jokes. A company event can be a madness without borders or a meeting planned in every detail. In both cases, the most important thing is that it should be an opportunity to build better relationships that will translate into more fruitful cooperation in the performance of professional duties.

The idea of ​​corporate events

Corporate events are very popular among employers and employees. Integrated people work better together, create a harmonious team, where there is an atmosphere of kindness. The idea of ​​company events is to build bonds and motivate people, both from one department and the entire company. People from PR or HR are responsible for organizing such meetings. It is common practice to use the services of companies specializing in organizing such meetings. The offer of companies dealing with corporate events is quite rich: from classic meetings to water and field attractions, city games or pirate evenings. The company’s own ideas are willingly implemented. The scenario of such an event is limited only by the imagination and the possibilities of the premises.

Participation in a company event: obligation or privilege

A company event is most often organized outside of working hours, which often encroaches on the privacy of employees. Not every employee can and not everyone wants to participate in company events. Such a decision is influenced by various factors: conflicts at work, a small child, single parenthood, caring for a disabled family member, illness in the family, other, earlier plans. Theoretically, the appearance at a corporate party it is a privilege, not an obligation. You cannot force anyone to attend an event or judge the reasons for refusal. This should not be perceived as a reluctance to integrate with the team, but to understand the reason for the absence. In practice, it varies. If the reason for not participating is very serious: the recent loss of a loved one, or a child’s stay in the hospital, it is usually met with understanding from colleagues. Constantly avoiding corporate events jit is perceived as disregard and lofty treatment of colleagues from work. Some of them appear at such a meeting from time to time, sometimes against their will, just to avoid unpleasant comments at work and not miss the opportunity for integration. No suit or high heels doesn’t mean there are no rules – it’s still a company event.

How to behave at a company event?

It is not advisable to become too familiar with the boss or to behave too loosely, for example: picking up friends or drinking too much alcohol. The best strategy for surviving a company event is the rule of the golden mean, i.e. polite conversations and observing the rules of good manners.

Teamwork and better collaboration

The purpose of a corporate event is the improvement of interpersonal contacts, which is supposed to pay off, e.g. by providing mutual assistance in solving tasks and problems. Participants of informal company meetings emphasize that participation in them increases mutual trust and satisfaction resulting from belonging to a team. Greater self-confidence of employees makes it easier to divide responsibilities for a specific task. One thing is certain: corporate events have a positive impact on relationships in the workplace, and a person who consistently refuses to participate in these types of meetings must reckon with a degree of isolation. Friendships and a circle of good friends from work are formed at company events. A non-participant does not belong to this circle of people and finds it more difficult to find a common language with co-workers.

Close to the workplace or a business trip?

The biggest problem in organizing corporate events is the time and place of the event. They can be organized even at the company’s headquarters, or in a restaurant / hotel near the workplace or as a trip to a beautiful and interesting place. Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. A two-day trip can be a serious problem for a parent of a small child or an independent parent. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to take advantage of relaxing attractions, e.g. SPA. A company event close to the workplace is more official, but it gives all employees the opportunity to participate, regardless of their family situation. The duration of such an event is shorter, although it may contain many interesting attractions.

Corporate events are to facilitate the creation of positive relationships in the team. They are becoming an increasingly important element of company life. Their useful role in the functioning of the company is appreciated by employees and management. The effect of organizing informal meetings is higher work efficiency and employee satisfaction with employment in a given place.

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