How much do anti-burglary blinds cost?

How much do anti-burglary blinds cost? The development of the construction sector had a significant impact on the change in its individual branches. A series of products designed for professional and effective interior finishing has evolved. Modern materials allow for the creation of functional, durable, well-insulated and comfortable buildings. The decor is equally important. A range of furniture intended for everyday use also has an aesthetic function. Similarly, electronics and household appliances are high-quality devices. A lot of property that is in the house requires appropriate protection. Anti-burglary roller blinds are a perfect solution. The approach to construction in Poland assumes the possibility of using residential buildings even several dozen years after their construction. Therefore, most often they are inherited or sold on the secondary market. The use of anti-burglary systems, including doors.

A sense of security thanks to appropriate safeguards

Due to its roller shutter function anti-burglary solutions are more expensive than basic solutions in this category. This is primarily due to the use of additional mechanisms that are designed to create a solid security system. The materials used to make them are also important. They must be of the highest quality, resistant to mechanical damage or manipulation with various types of tools, from as basic as a crowbar to more sophisticated ones. However, they are undoubtedly worth the price, and the sense of security and the ability to safely store even expensive items at home is priceless. An additional advantage is the possibility of connecting them to the alarm system, which is immediately activated in the event of any attempt to break the roller shutters. The latest software additionally sends information to the owner about a hacking attempt.

Is such protection effective?

You have to be aware that there is never 100% certainty that the security will work. However, much depends on the experience and skills of burglars. Amateurs who count on a quick profit will certainly not be able to break through the barrier, which is constituted by anti-burglary roller shutters. For those more experienced in the “profession” it will be a major obstacle that cannot be overcome in a short time. By connecting the roller shutters with the alarm system, the security will have time to react, which significantly increases the chance of leaving the property untouched. For burglars, as well as vandals, the premises located on the ground floor are the most attractive. Therefore, just like in a residential house, it is also worth installing anti-burglary roller blinds in an apartment with an easy access to the balcony.

Which blinds to choose?

You have to be careful when buying. The basic determinant of quality in this case are the materials used for production. Anti-burglary external roller shutters must be made of solid, damage-resistant and hard-to-deform materials. It is also necessary to distinguish two roller shutters protecting the house against burglary from external roller shutters, whose main application is to reduce light from the outside and noise, and only then to perform a protective function. The assembly itself is also important. In the construction industry, all kinds of insulation are very popular, which involves the use of various types of materials. The size of the blind, of course, should cover all the light of the window, but it must be borne in mind that the mounting brackets must be anchored in the wall, e.g. brick. This makes it much more difficult to tear out the blinds and break into the apartment or house.

Burglar resistance properties

Due to the fact that all products must comply with certain standards and it is necessary to be able to subject them to objective assessment based on the adopted criteria, the concept of resistance to burglary has been introduced. It is used both in the case of anti-burglary windows and doors, as well as roller shutters. Products marked with the symbol A1 and A2 belong to those with lower or no resistance, while the higher the number, the better the resistance. Therefore, when making a purchase, first of all, pay attention to this designation.

What is the price of anti-burglary roller blinds?

Due to the fact that there are different types of them, with specific strength and effectiveness, the prices for individual products are also different. The most basic products in this category can cost from PLN 200 to PLN 500 per item, depending also on the dimensions of the product. In this category of burglary resistance, but with the use of an electrical system, you can expect prices in the range of PLN 1,200. When it comes to more solid solutions, which also use electric lifting and lowering of the blinds, they will cost PLN 1,700 on average. It should be borne in mind that, of course, you can find cheaper solutions, as well as those whose price will be higher. Therefore, it is worth rethinking the purchase, considering the level of risk, as well as taking into account the presence of other security features, such as an alarm or housing estate monitoring.

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