Is it worth investing in a trade stand?

Is it worth investing in a trade stand? Trade stands are a solution that can increase brand recognition among potential customers and ensure an attractive display of goods. It is enough to take a walk through a selected shopping mall to notice how popular a trade stand is nowadays . They are available both in small shops that sell artificial jewelery and in large companies that “go out” directly to customers – banks, cosmetics brands and even bookstores! In today’s text, we will consider what a good stand should have and whether it is really worth investing in this form of advertising.

What can be sold with the help of a trade stand?

The stand, sometimes also called the island, is characterized by small size. Depending on what products it displays, it may consist only of a counter, as well as a counter and a large number of glass/plastic showcases through which the exhibition can be easily viewed. It is worth realizing that non-financial services (previously mentioned banks) are also sold through commercial stands. In larger cities, you can also meet with the sale of trips or gifts in the form of experiences (e.g. bungee jumping, dinner in a restaurant with the world turned off, etc.), or even with offers of medical advice.

Commercial stands do not have to be used only for sales. This is a great way to familiarize the customer with products that can be bought in a stationary store – e.g. to present the operation of an electronic toy, a new computer game, kitchen equipment and other promotional materials. Islands often also act as an information point, because they are easy to spot and establish direct contact with the employee.

What should an ideal trade stand have?

Regardless of the offer presented by the stand, a good island should be characterized by:

  1. high aesthetics

If we want to present ourselves to the customer from the best side, it is worth making sure that the sales stand looks attractive and neat. It may be a good idea to use colors and logos that are associated with the brand.

  1. the presence of elements that will catch the eyes of passers-by

Interestingly, this does not mean that the project should be flashy, attract with a riot of colors and overflowing with exposition. Minimalism, subdued colors and a small amount of presented products can also effectively catch the eye and build in customers a sense of communing with something unique and luxurious,

  1. well-presented products

There are two mistakes you can make here. The first is equipping the trade stand with too many products. You can often see this problem in islands with imitation jewelry. As a result, everything begins to create one big, colorful spot, the individual elements of which do not catch the eye of a passing person, because there are too many stimuli. The second error results from the opposite effect – in such a scenario, the products are poorly exposed and the customer cannot take a good look at them without asking the seller for help each time.

Is it worth running a trade stand?

The entrepreneur must be aware of the fact that designing and building a trade stand alone is a considerable, but one-time expense. If you take into account the longer time perspective, such a solution is much cheaper than, for example, renting a large premises in a shopping mall. The island is small, so the cost of living is low. Another advantage of trade stands their visibility is good. Firstly, the island is much harder to miss than the shop. Secondly, many hesitant customers don’t like going to the store because they don’t feel like talking to a salesperson who will be willing to help them right away. In this respect, the island is much less obliging – you can not enter the store, not attract the attention of the seller, and at the same time get to know the products. For many people, this means much greater psychological comfort than traditional “browsing” the offer in the store. Trading Post is a good choice especially for new companies. Renting a regular store space is usually beyond their reach at the beginning. An island in a large shopping center will allow passers-by to get acquainted with the new store’s offer. This increases the likelihood that customers will return if the brand opts for a traditional brick-and-mortar location. Commercial stands are therefore also an ideal solution to start. To further reduce costs, you can opt for a used stand. The island also works well when we want to reach customers with seasonal items. Christmas baking, gift wrapping, Easter wreaths, Valentine’s Day gifts – shopping islands seem to be created for selling small gadgets that you can quickly familiarize yourself with, pack and after a while have a ready gift for your loved one.A trade stand can be both a permanent, thriving business, as well as a fledgling or seasonal commercial and service activity. Facilitated contact with the customer and reduction of expenses are the main reasons why companies are increasingly choosing this solution.

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