Lettering tattoo prices. What affects the cost of a tattoo?

Lettering tattoo prices. What affects the cost of a tattoo? The decision regarding the choice of a tattoo is not easy because it is a permanent decoration deposited on the most expensive fabric we have – our skin. Therefore, we must take it carefully, taking into account at least several factors. One of them will be the price. Do you know how much a tattoo costs and why its prices can vary significantly?

Below are some answers:

– The price depends on the size of the tattoo. – Another aspect determining the price is the time required to perform the service. – The number of colors used also matters. Colored tattoos are more expensive than black ones – The level of complexity of the pattern we choose is important. – The reputation of a tattoo artist or tattoo studio is very important and can cause us to pay several times more than in an average, little-known tattoo studio. – The cost of the tattoo will depend on the technique of execution.

How much does a tattoo design cost? How much does a tattoo cost?

Rather, a separate design service is not offered, but rather it is included in the overall price of the tattoo. Most often, the project is made by a tattoo artist with whom we have already decided to cooperate and paid him an advance and set the date of the meeting. We will see the project most often only on this day. The project itself usually costs from one hundred to several hundred zlotys. However, the prices of tattoos soar even above a thousand zlotys if we are talking about tattooing a large part of the body, but also several thousand if we are tattooed by a reputable and fashionable tattoo artist Generally, we will pay from one hundred to three hundred zlotys for a small tattoo, four hundred to six hundred zlotys for a medium one and up to nine hundred zlotys for a tattoo that we consider large.

A good tattoo artist is appreciated. How much?

We pay the highest prices at reputable tattoo artists. There are at least a few magnetizing names in the industry in Poland. We can pay attention to Jakub Nowicz known for his elegant and ethereal tattoo designs, minimalist floral motifs and tattoos with inscriptions. His style is impeccable and minimalist. Matilda Wolfenstein, who specializes in floral and animal threads, is a respected figure among tattooing women. The third example is Marcin Surowiec, who combines colors in an original way, and in his works we will find graphic, geometric and nature motifs. We have to come to terms with the idea that talent comes at a cost. Professionals who have the appropriate artistic education, take innovative courses, and have years of experience behind them value their work, and rightly so. It happens that the price of the service for such a person exceeds the average price four times. Another thing is that the best professionals have access to top-shelf equipment and could not afford to tattoo us with a low-quality machine that will not be able to perfectly perform demanding designs. In addition to tattooing tools, the tablet itself that allows you to create tattoo designs costs about ten thousand zlotys. And one more thing, the best of the best are constantly improving their qualifications and knowledge, so they will be able not only to make a tattoo, but also advise on the pattern, trends.

A good studio or what?

If you want to tattoo, do it only in a safe place that does not threaten our health. It is worth relying on the reviews of people who have already been to a given location, but also check with your own eyes whether the place is hygienic and clean, and before we start cooperation, ask directly what tools will be used and how they will be cleaned. In a professional studio, such questions will not be frowned upon. It should be remembered that the needle enters our body and it is possible to develop an infection if the appropriate rules are not followed. In addition, other costs are incurred by a studio that is small and located in a small town, and the owner of a studio in Warsaw will pay several times more for rent, which is also in the center and has a modern and spacious design. If the landlord pays more, we pay more.

Popular lettering tattoos. So what?

A tattoo with an inscription can clearly express us and the values ​​we profess. For example, it can be a quote from a favorite book that has significantly influenced the way we think. It can be our resolution or a magic formula that helps us maintain serenity or gives us strength in difficult moments. The inscription can be discreet and minimalistic, thanks to which it can be easily covered, for example, when it would not be welcome in our workplace. In more controversial cases, these are the partners’ names, which in at least a few known cases have driven their owners back to the salon for removal. Children’s names are a different matter, they are both a popular motif for the inscription and a safe solution. Among the most popular types of lettering tattoos are:
– Names of partners – Names of children – Quotes from a book or favorite movie – Motivational sayings – Important words that define our values ​​and worldview, such as fidelity, God or trust.

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