Silver jewelry – how to care for it and how to wear it?

Silver jewelry – how to care for it and how to wear it? Silver jewelry is a decorative element that many women and men reach for. This is mainly due to its reasonable price, as well as universality, because it fits almost any styling. However, to be able to enjoy its delightful appearance for a long time, it must be properly cared for. In addition, it is also worth combining silver jewelry with a given stylization in a skilful way so that it emphasizes its uniqueness, while also remaining noticed. In this article, we will tell you how to care for silver jewelry and how to choose it for different types of silhouettes and outfits.

How should you care for silver jewelry?

Due to the fact that silver reacts with some substances, which results in its covering with a dark tarnish, it should be subjected to appropriate care treatments. For this purpose, you can use both preparations available in stores or use home remedies. As for the latter, a solution of baking soda and water, as well as soap and warm water, will work great in this case. In addition, it is worth remembering that silver jewelry should be properly stored. Here, string bags will be a good solution. Thanks to the fact that after closing them, the air supply is cut off, which protects silver jewelry from chemical reactions with it. When deciding to use this method of storage, remember that each piece of jewelry should be packed separately. Thanks to this, none of the above mentioned will be scratched. Importantly, to ensure that silver jewelry looks good, it should simply be worn. Substances secreted by human skin are a natural impregnation for it, which protects it from darkening.

How should you choose silver jewelry for your body type?

Jewelry is an addition to the styling, which should above all emphasize its uniqueness. In addition, it is also important that it is properly selected for the type of figure of a given person. Therefore, before we decide to buy a necklace or earrings, let’s think carefully about whether they will suit us. It should be remembered that overweight people should rather avoid too small pieces of jewelry, but also those with too expressive elements. A small chain or earrings will go unnoticed, and the massive ones will optically add weight. Therefore, the best solution will be to bet on something in between. When it comes to small and short people, delicate and minimalist silver jewelry will be perfect for them. Exactly as in the previous example, short and petite people should avoid excessively large pieces of jewelry, as they will undoubtedly have an overwhelming effect on their image. People with a short neck should rather not wear long earrings, because contrary to popular belief, they will not optically lengthen it, but only emphasize it. This type of earrings is great for people with a long neck. When it comes to large and heavy jewelry elements, they certainly suit mainly tall and slim people.

How to choose silver jewelry for styling?

Silver jewelry is available in various types. Therefore, we can easily find its elements that will prove themselves in everyday use, as well as those dedicated to special occasions. However, you should remember to choose such jewelry that will emphasize the uniqueness of our styling and will be the proverbial icing on the cake, and will not overwhelm it in any way. The basic principle when it comes to choosing jewelry for a given stylization is minimalism. If we decide to put on earrings, let’s give up the necklace and vice versa. In addition, if our stylization has a lot of decorations in the form of lace, ruffles or various patterns, then let’s choose a delicate necklace or earrings, or give up wearing them at all. Let us also remember that silver jewelry should not be combined with gold, because it doesn’t look very good. Therefore, when putting on silver earrings, let’s match them with a silver bracelet, and if we decide on those made of gold, let’s put a gold bracelet on them.

Silver jewelry can be worn by people of all ages. Both children and adults will look good in it. However, you should remember to take proper care of it, because when it is covered with a dark coating, it will not look so good. Silver jewelry can also be given as a gift, because it is the type of precious metal that will not embarrass the recipient. This is due to the fact that its price is not too high, and at the same time it looks nice and is of high quality. Speaking of silver jewelry in the context of its selection for various styles, it will be suitable both as an addition to those worn every day, as well as elegant ones for special occasions.

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