What do trampolines give us? What trampolines to buy?

What do trampolines give us? What trampolines to buy? Observing each child, you can ask yourself: where do they get so much energy from? Most of us remember the times of childhood, associated with joy and laughter. Maybe it’s just an idealization of the past, or maybe there is an appropriate key to such behavior? Certainly one of them is movement – movement, fun, and then the secretion of endorphins. Most often, young people need to jump properly, then they will feel real bliss.

The secret was discovered, and adults, inspired by this method, also started jumping – a trend we see in the growing interest in trampoline classes in fitness clubs and the increase in sales of garden trampolines.

What does jumping on a trampoline give us?

It is not only mindless fun, but above all a kind of physical activity that brings a number of benefits, both for the youngest and older family members.

First of all, it helps to improve our figure . Intensive aerobic exercise makes our body burn a lot of calories (it is estimated that during a well-executed one-hour workout we are able to burn as much as 800-1000 calories!), the figure slimmed down. It is a comprehensive device, because we are able to engage almost all muscle groups – in one go. Therefore, there is no need to use a dozen or so devices in the gym, one is enough.

Cardio training on a trampoline – and jumping undoubtedly is one – perfectly strengthens the circulatory and respiratory systems . The body is oxygenated, blood pressure increases, which allows you to get better results during training.

We also protect our joints and bones , because the trampoline relieves the body by several dozen percent, compared to training based mainly on squats with equipment or jumping on hard ground. What does this mean for us? Training becomes safe, we reduce the risk of long-term injury.

The evolutions we perform strengthen our concentration and balance . By focusing on finding the center point, trying to stay on a soft undulating surface, we gain better coordination of movements and control over our body.

And what about the aforementioned joy? When jumping, endorphins are released and we just have a great time. There is no better way to de-stress than good, almost childish fun. Such training does not scare, does not seem monotonous or long.

Trampolines also allow you to spend your free time with your family . Antics spent with our children in the open air will not only bring health benefits, but will also allow for deepening bonds, appreciating common moments, encouraging children to spend time with their parents.

What types of trampolines are there?

Of course, it all depends on the destination. The simplest division is based on the target group that will use it.

Children’s trampolines are the smallest. They can be used as home ones or set up for the backyard. The dimension for one child is about – meters in diameter, for more children using trampolines with a diameter of about 4 meters. The most popular are those in the shape of a circle, while professional ones, used in exercise rooms, usually have a rectangular shape. To ensure safety, you can buy a suitable ladder that will allow the smallest children to use the trampoline.

Garden trampolines are exposed to the air, they are usually larger than those intended for small children. Adults can also use them. The material from which the trampoline is made includes: metal, i.e. bad weather conditions, such as snow or rain, can affect corrosion and rusting of elements. It is worth protecting the trampoline for the winter or covering the frame with a special rain cover.

Fitness trampolines are professional equipment for clubs, designed for adults. They usually differ from the other two by the lack of a safety net. They often have a special handle to support themselves while jumping.

Another distinction is whether or not a trampoline has a safety net . The type of trampoline purchase depends on the level of advancement of the user. For beginners or kids, it’s worth investing in the one with mesh sides.

What to look for when buying a trampoline?

The most important is the thickness and stability of the frame . If it is made of too thin metal tubes, it may pose a threat to our safety. It should be stable, which will prevent the structure from swinging or tipping over.

The next important element is the jumping mat (alternatively referred to as the jumping net). It should be made of flexible, thick material that will support the weight of people jumping on it.

Thanks to strong springs, it is possible to attach the mat to the frame. They cushion movements and support the structure. Since they are made of metal, they should be protected against moisture. It is worth putting on special covers for springs , which additionally protect our body against possible injury.

If we decide on a model with a safety net, let’s check its quality, because it holds our body and protects against falling out.

It is worth that the trampoline has the appropriate certificate and manufacturer’s description, which indicates the maximum load limit of the trampoline.

If everything is made of the highest quality materials, we have nothing else but to have fun on it.

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