Wooden house – safe and comfortable

Wooden house – safe and comfortable. Many Poles dream of building their own home, but only a third of those planning such an investment make their dreams come true. Poles are attached to tradition and therefore eagerly look for solutions that combine technological modernity with some elements of tradition. In recent years, there has been an interest in building a wooden house in our country. Wooden construction has always had a raison d’être, but it concerned mainly public facilities and possibly summer houses. A novelty is the fashion for year-round wooden houses. 

Wooden construction

Building buildings from wood has been popular for thousands of years. Nowadays, it is gaining in importance due to its environmental friendliness, good thermal insulation and durability. It can be said that wooden construction has never gone out of fashion, it has only undergone metamorphosis. Boarding houses, restaurants, recreation centers, saunas, summer houses – these are examples of buildings whose construction material was quite often wood. They delight with their beauty and durability. They meet user requirements. Year-round houses made of wood have returned to favour. Modern technology allows for their quick and economical construction – they are made up to 8 weeks and can be erected even in winter. There is no need to make technical breaks in the construction. On the other hand, Poles are afraid of building wooden houses, because a lot of untrue beliefs have grown around them, e.g. about low fire resistance, rotting, or about difficulties with heating.

Warmth and comfort

Many fears related to the construction of a wooden house result from the belief that such a house is difficult to heat and living in it all year round may not be comfortable.  The wooden house has a safe structure and is properly secured and insulated – the walls of the wooden building are insulated with mineral wool, vapor barrier and wind insulation foil. Excellent thermal insulation of the walls significantly reduces heating costs, which are very expensive in brick construction. wooden househas low heating costs. The comfort of living in such a house is influenced by the possibility of expanding it at any time and adapting it to the current needs of the family. Wooden houses can be multi-storey. The walls can be finished in any way – wallpaper, painting or tiles will not affect the stability of the walls. Wood is characterized by the ability to self-regulate humidity, which makes it a favorable microclimate. Year-round houses made of wood have a reputation for being very healthy and user-friendly. There are no problems with dry air or excessive moisture. It is an ideal house for people struggling with asthma or other respiratory diseases.

Heating wooden houses

The popular belief that wooden houses are not true they are cold, even cold. Technical studies have shown that the opposite is true – houses built of wood are warmer than brick buildings, because wood has better insulating properties than concrete materials. The entire wall of a wooden house is an insulator. This means that the thermal coefficients of such a house are higher than those of brick buildings, and with a smaller wall thickness. It is worth knowing that in modern wooden houses any heating system can be used, e.g.: eco-pea coal stove, heat pump, fireplace with a water jacket or recuperation. Photovoltaics can also be used in wooden construction. Underfloor heating can be installed on the ground floor and upper floors. Electric heating is not a very good choice, due to the very high energy costs and low efficiency in a wooden house. Buildings made of wood heat up very quickly and give off heat just as quickly. Therefore, the most important thing is proper insulation of the walls, which helps to retain heat.

Pest resistance

Wood pests are another cause of concern for people who would like to build a wooden house. Thanks to the highest quality protection, you do not have to worry about mold or pest attacks. Wood impregnations are tested for safety for humans. For the construction of such a house, dry wood is used, which has been aged for a long time.

Furnishing a house made of wood

Arrangement of rooms does not differ from furnishing a brick building. You can arrange any furniture and create an interior that meets the needs of residents. Finishing the house is an individual matter of the owner. Technically, there are no limits.

Real estate market analysts have been observing an interesting trend for many years – the construction of a small house is sometimes cheaper than the purchase of a three-room apartment in the center of the largest Polish cities. Rent for an apartment is an additional cost that is not included in the case of living in a single-family house. In a house of 70 to 100 square meters, there can easily be 4 rooms, which means that it is an ideal living space even for a family with children. Smaller houses will meet the expectations of couples and families with one child, and their construction costs less than buying a flat in new blocks, the so-called “apartment buildings”.

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